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Caffeinated - A (non)Definitive Guide to Toronto's Study-Centered Coffee Shops

Is there a better combination than students and coffee? Having spent the last 20 years of my life in formal education (with 7 of those being in University) I know the importance of a good coffee shop. The area around the University of Toronto is filled with sunny spots perfect for a student to curl up with their laptop, a treat, and free wifi. 

Below I've shared 3 spots that are guaranteed to make student life (or any life) just a little bit better. 

Photo courtesy of Sorelle and Co.
Sorelle and Co. 

When I first moved into my neighbourhood in Toronto it was beginning to show it's age. While I loved the brick lanes and adorable boutiques of Yorkville, many of the buildings hadn't been updated since being built in the 60's and 70's. Over the past year the neighbourhood has been undergoing a revival - and it's been so exciting to see which beautiful new shops (Whole Foods!), restaurants (STK!) and companies (SoulCycle!) have decided to make Yorkville home. While I will have moved before the the majority of the new 'Yorkville Village' is open to the public,  the few stores that have gradually opened up have been exciting to visit. This includes the beautiful Sorelle and Co., which only opened in late 2017. 

Sorelle's new cafe might be intimidating at first (it's just so beautiful!), but with friendly staff, comfy chairs and an amazing menu it's the perfect spot to sit and work. Their baked goods are amazing, and they offer a selection of savoury items if you're sitting long enough and need a little extra sustenance!  

Order - grab an americano (my go to!) and any of the amazing baked goods (personally, I recommend their seasonal tart!). Everything is free from major allergens including gluten, dairy, nuts and soy which is perfect for someone like me!. 

Photo courtesy of Fika Cafe
L'Espresso Bar Murcurio

L'Espresso was one of the first cafe's I visited as a new student in Toronto, and the cafe has held a special spot in my heart ever since. The location bills itself as a classic Italian coffee house, and has a huge selection of baked goods, light lunch options, and traditional and seasonal drink choices. Constantly busy and full of energy (you will need to wait in line!), L'Espresso is the perfect place to grab a table, zone out, and work. 

Order - their classic European roast coffee and something from the pastry case! L'Espresso does a great job of listing allergens on all baked goods (and savoury food) so they are sure to have something for everybody. 

Photo courtesy of Fika Cafe

As the furthest from campus (or at least the law school), I don't get to Fika as frequently as I'd like but the cafe still deserve's recognition. In Sweden, 'Fika' loosely means "coffee break" and it's common for friends to meet for Fika every few hours during the workday. The owners of Fika have embraced this concept and turned a small house in Toronto's Kensington Market neighbourhood into the perfect space for a little 'break'. 

Of the three listed cafe's, Fika is the hardest to claim space at. With that being said, if you can try to snag a spot at the big table in the back (pictured)! The light in the room is beautiful, and I love the wall behind the table which is papered with pages from old books! 

Order - a signature cardamom spiced latte and flourless lavender espresso brownie! 

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