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Valentine's Day Gift Guide - What Conner is Getting For Valentine's

How is it that we are only a week away from Valentine's Day? I know that the holiday seems to sneak up each year, but it seems to be especially true this time around! 

I'm spending this Valentine's Day in the air as I travel from Toronto to visit Conner in Phoenix, Arizona. I'll be getting into Arizona pretty late - but I'm hoping we are still able to have a small celebration! Here is a look at what Conner will be receiving this year for Valentine's! 

  1. Kansas City Map - For Christmas this year my roommate (and maid of honour!) Jen gifted me two art prints that display the streets of Toronto and Phoenix. I love the idea of displaying the cities that have meant so much to me when Conner and I relocate to NYC, but I wanted to make sure that his own history was included. This year for Valentine's I had a custom map of Conner's beloved Kansas City made by The Neighbourhood Unit, to display in our future home. 
  2. Boxers + Socks - It's obvious but I love the idea of giving a pair of heart themed boxers each Valentine's Day. I love this set from J Crew! 
  3. A Sweet Valentine - I have to admit, I got this card for Conner for Christmas but I thought I'd include it here. I love the message it sends, and I'm hoping to use it as art moving forward. 
  4. A Sweet Valentine - Conner is not a sweets guy. He turns away from candy, is able to resist cake and can walk away from any dessert table without breaking a sweat. With that being said - he will always make an exception for doughnuts (fun fact - we're having them at the wedding). Tim's always makes a point of producing adorable heart shaped doughnuts, and I'm hoping to grab one at the airport to bring with me south of the boarder. 
What about you? How are you celebrating Valentine's Day? 
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