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Friday No. 5

There's a quote I've seen pop up lately on various blogs and instagram accounts that I follow - 'the days are long, but the years (or weeks!) are short'. I know it's typically used to describe parenting, but honestly, I feel that it applies to perfectly to this season of my life. Each day I'm amazed at how much I need to accomplish, how long it can take until it's time for bed, or the fact that it's only Wednesday - but each Friday morning I'm shocked that the week is already over. With only 7 weeks left in Toronto the countdown is on, and I'm trying my best to stay present and enjoy my final days in the city. 

Photo from The Everygirl
This week was definitely a 'get stuff done' week. I landed back in Toronto Sunday night after spending a short few days in Phoenix, and spent the week playing catchup (and trying to avoid the snow). It didn't make for an overly exciting few days, but with spin class and celebrations (for my birthday and valentine's day!) on the calendar this weekend, clearing my plate of various obligations was definitely worth it. 

So with that, here are a few small things that were highlights of my week! 

  1. Sorelle - I've sung the praises of this sweet shop before (check it out here and here), and once again a visit to Sorelle was a highpoint of my week. On Wednesday a friend and I popped by the pink infused cafe to reconnect over americanos and Nanaimo bars. Taking an hour to recaffeinate and debrief each other on our lives proved to be a much needed recharge, and I left with an extra spring in my step. 
  2. PopPhysique - Today marks the last day of '30 Days of PopPhysique' and I have mixed feelings about it. While I'm excited to jump back onto ClassPass and mix up my exercise routine, over the past 30 days Pop has become an integral part of my life and I'm going to miss it. I intend to write a fuller post on my experiences with the studio but, overall, I think the most important lesson I've learned is the importance of working out every day both for my sanity (hello endorphins!) and physical health. I feel better when I've worked out, and while it's easy to shrug off an exercise class in favour of school work (or netflix), making a little time in your schedule for fitness is something you never regret. 
  3. Celebrations - I mentioned it earlier in this post but tonight some friends and I are taking the time to celebrate my birthday! We're planning on having a nice dinner at a local restaurant, before returning to my apartment for celebratory drinks and birthday cake (inspiration here). A bit low-key, but with all the celebrations going on lately (bachelorette! bridal showers!) having a quiet night with friends seemed like the perfect way to ring in 25. 
  4. CHURCH - and finally, we at last found and committed to a church for our ceremony! I'll be writing about the whole experience later on, but finding a church proved to be one of the more stressful elements of wedding planning and I'm so so grateful to have it behind us! 
Have a lovely weekend!
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