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Friday No. 4

This week was short and sweet. I jetted down to Arizona on Wednesday to tour churches for our upcoming wedding (I'm HOPING we have one picked out by the time this goes live!!), which meant Monday and Tuesday we're absolutely jam packed as I tried to clear my plate of all work and school assignments before taking off. This weekend I'm looking forward to some much needed one on one time with family and my fiancé. 

Here are four things that made my week: 
  1. ARIZONA - this is an easy one. It feels like it has been forever since I last set foot in AZ and arriving this week really gave me a much needed energy boost. Getting back to  the people I love was 100% hands down the highlight of this week - plus, getting to leave Toronto mid-blizzard was a perk. 
  2. Cali Love - tucked away in Yorkville, CaliLove serve's up island inspired smoothie and grain bowls to Canadian's looking to escape Toronto's less than sunny winter (at least temporarily). While menu items might be a bit pricy, they definitely make for a nice 'treat'. I recommend their spinach based smoothie bowl, which I grabbed with one of my bridesmaids this week before she caught a flight back to Calgary. 
  3. The Bachelor - I said it before and I'll say it again, despite how ridiculous it is, I love The Bachelor. Reality TV has always been my guilty pleasure, and while I like to think it's because I enjoy it from an anthropological perspective, I honestly just love the mindlessness of it. This season is finally picking up, and my roommate and I are loving it. 
  4. Nike Run Club - this week I finally got my running schedule back on track (pun intended). I've used the Nike Run Club app before, and this week I reset the app to start training for a half-marathon in the spring. I haven't registered for one yet, but running 2 half marathon's before our wedding is one of my annual goals and it's time to get serious about training. 

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